EasySMX Bondidea 2.4G Wireless Ring Mouse Finger Wearable Mouse

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Product Features

Gaming with Bondidea Wireless Ring Mouse? 

  • Bullet Points:
    Cute design, simple and practical. Avoid the harm on your wrist and muscle. Scrolling function can be controlled simply by your thumb 
    Support your both hands for comfortable control all day long. You can use it with your hands and gives your aching right wrist and fingers a break
    Convenient and easy. USB interface, Plug-and-Play. The five buttons can be programmed via disk driver. DPI can be changed via cursor switching.
    More confident in your lecture, business meeting presentation. Also if you want to be more comfortable to watch a movie lying on the sofa or bed, you can wear this finger mouse ring
    Advanced 2.4GHz for fast data transmission with no interference. Powerful 10m wireless range with tiny USB 2.0 receiver compatible with WinXP/ Win7/ Win8/ Win10/. Support Mac OS (Mac or iMac), do not support iOS (iPhone or iPad). Please note Mac can not support driver
    How to use: 
    1. Please charge before using the Ring Mouse. Connect the micro USB cable of the Ring mouse to any USB port on your PC. Full charging takes about 2 hours. 
    2. Insert the nano receiver into a USB port directly into your computer. 
    3. Press the power button to the ON position, after the blue LED light on for 3 seconds, the ring mouse begin to work. 
    4. Install the driver by the instructions on the screen to finish the software installation. 
    5. After the software installed. The Ring Series icon will appear in the taskbar. You may custom the function of each button via CD driver. 

    DPI: 500/1000/1500/2000DPI 
    Working distance: within 10M 
    Input: touch button sensing operation 
    Transmission rate: 1Mbps 
    Instrumental modulation: GFSK 
    RF Range: 2400-2.484MHZ 
    Voltage range: 2.1---3.6V 
    Package type: SSOP-20 
    Power output: 1mW 
    Channel spacing: 1MHZ 
    Built in high-tech polymer lithium battery 
    Materials: ABS PC+TPU

    Package List:
    1 x Ring Mouse 

    1 x USB Cable
    1 x Disk 
    1 x Receiver 
    1 x User Manual