Our company is now undergoing a period of steady, yet rapid development. We have an urgent need for staff who have talent, dedication and a passion for e-commence. We place a high value on diversity. An academic degree and brilliant working experience are not essential. Instead, we are looking for people who are honest, creative and hard-working with strong sense of responsibility. It will be highly regarded if you are an effective and fast learner. You will be rewarded with a competitive salary and an exciting career growth. Your achievements and your ability to make a difference will be highly respected. Let's join hands to create a win-win outcome!    

Customer service
If you have any problems with the products, or need a further assistance from us, please contact us at the following emails:

US: easysmx@easysmx.com
UK: jane@easysmx.com
FR: fiona@easysmx.com
DE: leslie@easysmx.com
ES: support.es@easysmx.com
JP: support.jp@easysmx.com
IT: support.it@easysmx.com 

Wholesale & Distribution  

If you are interested in distributing our product nationally or internationally, please send an email to dana@easysmx.com

Cooperation inquiry
We would love to hear from you if you are a product reviewer or influencer with large followings on any social media and want to work with us, drop us an email at info@easysmx.com

You can also send us a message here!

Address:  Room 603, Block B11, Nanjing New Village, Minzhi, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China 518109